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Give your team members the opportunity to take the Defensive Driving Course (DDC) and assist them in joining the ranks of the most cautious drivers on the road.

Safe driving is a problem of safety practices for employees who drive either a business car or their personal vehicle while on the job.

Insurance costs may significantly increase when a company driver is involved in an accident. Indirect expenses can also include recovery time, re-staffing, retraining, and lost productivity (regardless of whether the employee was driving while on the job or not).

Safe drivers miss less time from work because they avoid collisions, which will reduce the number of collisions involving corporate cars. All employees (and family members) who have a driver’s licence can therefore benefit from taking a defensive driving course. DDC is designed to teach your employees and their families how to drive safely.

Traffic crashes are preventable … by defensive driving.

Our Course

The Defensive Driving Course is an established, proven program designed to produce:

Complete concepts are presented so they are easily understood.